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Meet our Team

Len Waters
Cultural Consultant

After 20 years working in Aboriginal tertiary education, Len has taken his passion for sharing culture to the next level, establishing his own Cultural Tours business in 2015. With a promise to "take you on a spiritual journey from the ancient to the contemporary," Len Waters Aboriginal Cultural Tours provides a range of cultural experiences for everyone from small groups to major stage productions.

Mark Atkins
Didgeridoo Virtuoso

Acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest didgeridoo players, Mark Atkins is recognised internationally for his collaborative projects with some of the world’s leading composers and musicians. A descendant of Western Australia’s Yamitji people, Mark is known not only for his masterly playing, but also as a storyteller, composer, percussionist, visual artist and instrument maker. 

Buddy Knox
Blues Musician

Multi-award winning musician Buddy Knox has been hailed as Australia's answer to BB King. A well-established Kamilaroi musician, Buddy has carved out his own career with a guarantee is to 'smoke ya boots', with a show of great music, lighting speed licks, riffs and stage presence. Locally, Buddy is also a regular mentor of up and coming Aboriginal musicians, dedicating a large part of every week to nurturing the talent of local young people.

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