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Len Waters has extensive experience working in school environments with children from K-12. He can provide a range of programs to complement the curriculum and provide thought-provoking, cultural perspectives to engage and inspire students.

Some of the different programs that Len is able to bring to enrich the learning of your students are:

  • Culture Talks: Let Len provide your students with an insight into traditional Aboriginal culture and ways of knowing.  Len’s observations and insights will engage students’ senses and minds while introducing them to different ways of seeing and learning.

  • Story Telling: Traditional Aboriginal stories can be used to teach values, ethics and citizenship.  This oral teaching method will engage student’s imaginations, broaden their perspectives on society, and introduce them to the use of allegory as a traditional teaching practice.

  • Bush Medicine: Len is skilled at plant identification and the traditional uses of a variety of local plants which are native to the North West of NSW.  Students will learn how to identify local plants that were significant to the Kamilaroi people and how they were used in traditional medicine.

  • Culture Performances: Len performs a variety of Aboriginal ceremonies including Welcome to Country and traditional smoking ceremonies, and traditional song and storytelling, and works with other Aboriginal performers who are skilled in didgeridoo, Aboriginal dance, boomerang throwing and traditional weaponry.

  • School Excursions: Len is able to lead school excursions to a number of local Aboriginal sites to explore culture in an outdoor classroom.  Destinations include local sites around Tamworth and Gunnedah, as well as Mt Kaputar, Terry Hie Hie and Boobera Lagoon.

  • Aboriginal Language: Len is a skilled teacher of Gamilaraay language who has taught language in a number of schools as well as to community groups of adults and children.

  • Culture Gardens: Len has worked with a number of schools, businesses and government organisations to create cultural gardens.  Cultural gardens are significant as places of healing for Aboriginal people and students and can include traditional bush tucker and bush medicine plants.

  • Fire Stick Agriculture: Len’s fire stick agriculture workshop explores the importance of fire in maintaining healthy Australian bush pastures and native plans.  Students will learn how to make a fire with fire sticks, and the healing properties and importance of fire in Aboriginal culture.

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McCarthy Catholic College ǀ Tamworth South Public School ǀ Carinya Public School ǀ Calrossy Anglican School ǀ Walhallow Public School ǀ Westdale Public School ǀ Moonbi Public School ǀ Timbumburi Public School ǀ Manilla Public School ǀ St Josephs Primary School ǀ St Michaels Catholic School

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