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The value of a cultural tour is in allowing yourself to truly experience and immerse yourself in another world. Walk in ancient footsteps while listening to traditional songs and stories that will help you to understand and appreciate the role of everything – the animals, natural environment and the stars – around you.  Stories that have been used to teach thousands of generations before you.

The packaged tours outlined below, as well as tailored options, are available.

Full-Day Tours: Spend a full day exploring the Kamilaroi region with Len. Learn more about the history of the Kamilaroi people, how they understood and lived in harmony with the natural environment.  Immerse yourself within an Aboriginal perspective through storytelling and traditional practices.

Half-Day Tours: Spend a half-day visiting a local site and exploring Kamilaroi traditions and practices with Len. Learn more about the rich history of our region, its plants and animals, Kamilaroi beliefs and spirituality.

Local Tours: Local tours are available within Tamworth and Gunnedah and explore sites of significance to Kamilaroi people.  Allow yourself to be transported to a different part of our history and leave with a different perspective and appreciation of your local area.

Two-Day Tours: A two-day tour allows more time to explore a range of sites across the Kamilaroi region. Travel between a number of sites to appreciate the varied ways in which Kamilaroi people interacted with their environment.  Learn how their deep understanding and relationship with the land brought richness and prosperity to their culture, knowledge and systems of lore through thousands of generations.

Sky Watch: Special night time tours are available to allow an exploration of Kamilaroi astronomy which held a special place in Aboriginal navigation, storytelling and spirituality.  Warrambal (the Milky Way), Yarandoo (the Southern Cross) and the Dhinawan (Emu) in the Sky all have major creation stories associated with them. Learn some local star stories, their significance in Kamilaroi culture and what those stories said about Kamilaroi people’s place in the world.

Tailored group tours: A range of options for smaller group outings or specific requirements are also available. Find out more here.

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