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Tailored tours allow a more intimate experience for smaller groups.  Connect deeply with Kamilaroi Country on a tailored tour designed especially to immerse you in the richness of Aboriginal culture and reconnect you with an ancient way of knowing.

Bushwalking: Explore local tracks and sites, while learning about Kamilaroi culture.  Identify significant native plants and their uses in bush tucker and bush medicine.  Listen for those just detectable rustles near your feet, bird calls and other sounds and learn what they can teach you about who is in your environment.  And keep your eyes peeled for evidence of traditional Kamilaroi practices as you walk.

Family: Work with Len to design a special cultural experience for your whole family guaranteed to leave you with a deeper appreciation of Kamilaroi culture and your local area, its history and hidden stories. Everyone from kids to grandparents will leave with a deepened sense of the knowledge held in every living thing around them. Create some truly unique, shared memories with a family tour created just for you.

Ladies Day Out: Treat yourself and your friends to something out of the ordinary, with an exploration of the local area that might change the way that you think about your everyday.  Ladies Days Out take a relaxed pace so you can make the most out of getting out onto Country with or without the kids.  At lunchtime we’ll find a tranquil spot where you can wind down, relax and truly appreciate our beautiful local area.

Men’s Groups: This tailored tour can take a relaxed pace or we can step it up for blokes who need to leave the lawnmower behind and work off some stress. Get out on Country to a place where you can find some peace of mind and really appreciate the quietness of the bush and our natural environment.

Staff Development Days: Need something different for your next team building day.  Len can tailor a tour that will challenge your staff, build problem solving and team work, and stimulate creative thinking.  Take a step out of the office to find a new perspective.  Your staff will appreciate the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop new skills.

Culture Camps: Culture camps are a great introduction to Kamilaroi culture for everyone.  From groups of young people who need to reconnect with their culture, to organisations who want to ensure that their staff are well-versed in the cultural diversity of the local community, culture camps can provide a rich and memorable experience.

Overnight stays: Overnight tours allow an exploration of the Kamilaroi region’s rich environment as well as providing an opportunity to share some traditional star stories under the canopy of Warrambal, the Milky Way. Did you know that the stars contain a universal calendar for Aboriginal people which encompasses the seasons and animal breeding patterns, and tells the stories of Dhinawan the Emu, as it crosses the horizon over a period of months each year?  Talk to Len about the many options available to suit your organisation or group.

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