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Len understands that significant life events such as funerals, christenings, naming ceremonies and weddings need to match the beliefs, values and cultural needs of the family.  For people wanting a spiritual and cultural element as part of their special event, Len will work closely with you to ensure a meaningful and memorable cultural experience.

Funerals: Len can provide a traditional Kamilaroi farewell for your loved one including Kamilaroi prayers and a smoking ceremony.

Christenings and Naming Ceremonies: Add a special touch to your baby’s special day with a traditional Kamilaroi ceremonial blessing for a long, blessed, healthy and prosperous life.  

Weddings: Include traditional Kamilaroi ceremonies in your special day, including a smoking ceremony to cleanse out the old and bless your new beginning together.  Len offers Kamilaroi prayers and blessings for religious and non-religious ceremonies.

OR contact Len to discuss your special event today.

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