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Explore local parks and landmarks to broaden your understanding Kamilaroi history and how it shaped our local community, enjoy a local excursion or try your hand at spear throwing, boomerang making or fire making with fire sticks.

Spears and Boomerangs: Explore the different types of spears and boomerangs used by Kamilaroi people through Len’s interactive display and presentation.  What tools and knowledge were needed to make these weapons, are what were they used for? If time allows, have a go at making your own.

Fire Stick Workshop: Len’s fire stick workshop explores the importance of fire in maintaining healthy Australian bush pastures and native plans. Students will learn how to make a fire with fire sticks, and the healing properties and importance of fire in Aboriginal culture.

Didgeridoo Making Workshops: Learn how to source a piece of wood suited to didgeridoo making and learn how to hollow and tune it.  (For cultural reasons this workshop is limited to boys and men only)

Traditional tools: Learn about the tools used in traditional Aboriginal culture including baskets, rope, grinding stones, axes, blades, and other tools.  How were they made using resources found in our local environment, and what were they used for?

Bush Medicine: Len is skilled at plant identification and the traditional uses of a variety of local plants which are native to the North West of NSW.  Students will learn how to identify local plants that were significant to the Kamilaroi people and how they were used in traditional medicine.

Other: If there are other aspects of traditional culture that you are interested in learning, please let Len know.

OR contact Len to discuss the needs of your school group, business or organisation today.

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